My name is Summer Belt and I am a musician/songwriter living near Indianapolis. I began songwriting at the age of 12 and I recorded my debut album Save The World when I was 14. The album featured a collection of original songs produced along with guitar virtuoso Michael Kelsey. I soon began performing locally and continued to build my setlist and strengthen my craft. In 2017 I won the SAMI Songwriter Scholarship and earned a scholarship to the Berklee School of Music Summer Program. I have since worked on many projects such as recording an original song that was featured on artist Nicky Kerr's debut album. I have performed all across the state opening at venues such as the Lafayette Theater and the Delphi Opera House. I recently released my new single My Name Is Disaster, which was released in June 2018 at a sold out release show. Check out my videos and performances and see what I have been up too!! Solo or with a band, I am ready to rock! Please contact me to book a show!
         Rock On!

CD Release Concert Reviews: 
“Summer is a talented young songwriter, with tons of energy and originality. She sparkled onstage, giving the audience a great show by playing electric and acoustic guitars, along with keyboard. Her personality and passion for her music, as well as her ability to work with other, more seasoned performers, filled the evening with great lyrics, super guitar licks, and talented singing. Summer is a gifted songwriter and performer, and I'm excited to see where she'll go in the future!” Dianne 
“I just want to say that seeing Summer perform was such a treat. She has a strength and versatility in her performance that is truly impressive. Beyond her stage presentation, the songs that she has written are evocative, insightful, and have a zest that engages the audience in such meaningful ways. We enjoyed the show from beginning to end!” Fran and Larry 

Profile Review: “Summer also knows a lot more than I was able to discern just in our brief conversation… There's a tension and awareness about her that belies her age. And she had a lot of answers, actually, and not just for the questions I posed, but for those held by the world at large (while discussing human trafficking)  – and so, I can only hope the audience is listening…It's often difficult even for adults to openly and respectfully communicate and express themselves on heated subjects and in this kind of frank manner. And I don't want to sound like a condescending fuddy duddy, but I have to say it: I'm really proud of this young woman.” Rhonda Baughman from NUVO Magazine

Album review: “This sounds FANTASTIC! It's so darned creative I can't keep from smiling. The songs are so hooky! I can't think of anything negative. It's such a nice variety of styles.” Mike Wilson, President of Aire Born Recording in Indianapolis

Review from the Concert at the Speak EZ in Broad Ripple: “14-year old Indianapolis-born rock prodigy, Summer, embodies the best of both local and unique. I still remember the first time I saw her perform--she's one of the most talented guitar players I've ever heard. We always want to create an experience for our attendees. No one can do that better than Summer.” Justin Knepp, President of Indiana On Tap

Save The World Video Reviews from Michael Kelsey’s facebook: ‘she definitely rocks!’ ‘Wow! What a talent! You've got an amazing voice Summer!’ ‘So, apparently people rock in Indiana!’ ‘She has talent!’ ‘Good things are going to happen for this young lady!’ ‘Very catchy tune. Great video too!’ ‘Yeah Rock ain't dead,’ ‘Very cool! Can't wait to hear more! My daughters loved this!’ ‘Catchy song!’ ‘Summer rocks!’