Save The World


Summer’s new record Save The World. Enjoy these songs!

Summer, a talented young musician, rocks with her guitar and sings with passion on her newly recorded debut album. Summer’s record Save The World is produced along with guitar virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist Michael Kelsey. The record’s sound and lyrics are incredibly versatile flowing from grand rock and groovy love songs to contemplative ballads and sweet acoustic tracks. A precocious songwriter, Summer’s lyrics and insight are well beyond her years. Her songs tackle a wide variety of subjects from the excitement and innocence of fantasy and fairytales to the pain and power of love and friendship. Many diverse artists and genres influenced Save the World. Taylor Swift impacted the lyrical format and writing style, but the album takes on a rockier edge with an alternative effect inspired by U2 and guitar riffs sparked by Queen. Take a musical journey with Summer and listen to her debut album Save The World; you will be rockin’, crying’ or wantin’ to get up and dance! Save The World is available on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes or listen on Spotify.

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